2016 BAI Temporary FM Licences Announced

So much student radio fun this semester!

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) announced today (01/02/16) that it has granted temporary broadcasting licences to three college radio stations.
Details of the services in receipt of temporary broadcasting licences are as follows:
Trinity FM (Trinity College, Dublin) will broadcast on 97.3FM to Trinity College and Environs on multiple dates for 30 days over 2016, commencing today the 1st February 2016.
Grifffm16 (Griffith College Dublin) will broadcast from 30th January to 7th February 2016 to Griffith College Dublin and from 5th to 13th March 2016 to Griffith College, Cork.
The Wave FM (Dún Laoghaire Further Education Institute (DFEi)) will broadcast to Dún Laoghaire, Blackrock and Environs from 8th February to 14th February 2016.